The Making and Knowing Project is a largely self-funded initiative that relies on major federal grants, internal Columbia University awards, faculty research funds, institutional collaborators, and grants and gifts from foundations and private donors.

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The Making and Knowing Project gratefully acknowledges the support of:

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The National Endowment for the Humanities, Grant #RQ-249842-16, “Craft Techniques and
Knowledge Systems in a 16th-Century Artist’s Manuscript: An Open-Access Critical Edition and Translation,” 2016-19

The National Science Foundation, Grant #1430843, “The Role of Craft Skill in Scientific Practice,” 2017–20

The National Science Foundation, Grant #1430843, “The Role of Tacit Knowledge in Experimentation,” 2014–17

The National Science Foundation, Conference Grant #1656227, “Workshop: Translation and Encoding for the Making and Knowing Project,” 2017–18

Luce Foundation, Higher Education Grant, 2017–20

The Chemical Heritage Foundation, Making and Knowing Project Postdoctoral Scholars, 2014–17

Gerda Henkel Foundation, AZ 40/F/16: Making and Knowing Project Postdoctoral Research Scholar, 2017–18

Collaboratory Grant, “Transforming Texts: Computational Approaches to Text Analysis and Visualization,” 2017–20

Collaboratory Seed Grant, Columbia University, “What is a Book for the 21st Century?” seed funding, 2016–18

Provost’s Hybrid Learning Course Redesign and Delivery, “What is a Book in the 21st Century? Working with Historical Texts in a Digital Environment,” 2016–17

The Maurice I. Parisier Foundation

The Florence Gould Foundation

Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

Howard and Natalie Shawn