Working Groups

wgm 2015

Working Group Meeting, 2015, Group Photo

The first three years of the Making and Knowing Project correspond to the meetings of three Working Groups—Moldmaking and Metalworking; Color Making; Natural History, Practical Optics, and Medicine. Each Working Group focuses on different sections of Ms. Fr. 640, and will include scholars and expert makers whose expertise is directly related to the transcription, translation, and annotation of those sections of the manuscript.

Correctly interpreting and translating the manuscript depends on understanding its materials, techniques, and processes, so the participation of the Working Groups’ Expert Makers and scholars ensures that contents of the final digital edition meet the highest standards of accuracy and scholarship.

Working Group members will participate (as possible) in the paleography workshops and the laboratory seminars at Columbia through guest lectures and studio visits, and  convene annually to review transcriptions, translations, and annotations. The first of three annual Working Group Meetings was held May 27-30, 2015, during which Moldmaking and Metalworking Working Group members provided expertise and critical oversight to the annotation process and the final digital edition.

The second Working Group Meeting–on Colormaking— was held May 26-28, 2016.

Working Group Participants


Working Group Meeting, 2016, Group Photo